Webinar: Preventive Treatment for Alzheimer Disease

On November 30th, Dr. Saykin participated in a Webinar sponsored by Mt. Sinai Alzheimer’s Center in Miami, on Preventative Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease. 

This valuable educational resource is available by clicking on this website 


Andrew Saykin, Psy.D.

Jessica Langbaum, Ph.D.

Susan M. Landau, Ph.D. 

Topics Presented: 

  • How genetic and other factors can determine when amyloid protein is deposited in the brain, resulting in symptoms of Alzheimer disease many years later.
  • Why effective treatment of Alzheimer disease may need to begin very early, well before symptoms are present.
  • How new treatment trials, which will begin in 2013, are being designed for the prevention of Alzheimer disease. 

Website includes recording and slides of all three presentations.

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