Martin Family Alzheimer Disease Symposium Resources

Below find information about the 8th Annual Martin Family Symposium held in 2014:

Caregiving and Dementia: Decisions and Transitions was designed for those who care for people with dementia and related neurodegenerative disorders.  The program was beneficial to both family caregivers and professional care providers.  The program focused on some of the difficult decisions that families and providers must make while caring for people with these disorders across the course of the disease.  In addition, sensitive issues such as intimacy and dementia, genetic testing and legal/financial issues for caregivers to consider werealso presented in smaller breakout sessions.

Below are links to video recordings of some of the sessions.

Dr. Saykin:


Keynote Address:


Legal and Financial Planning and Dementia:


Panel and Summary:

Below are slides of the talks that were presented in 2013.  Just click to download file.

Imaging, Biomarkers and Subjective Cognitive Decline: How Early Can We Detect Alzheimer’s Disease? 

Andrew Saykin, PsyD 



Maintaining Cognitive Health as We Age 

Frederick W Unverzagt, PhD 


The Creative Brain: In Sickness and in Health 

Brandy Matthews, MD 


Brain Health: What’s the Heart Got to Do With It? 

Michael LaMantia, MD 



Staying Engaged: Making the Most of Meaningful Activities 

Yvonne Lu, RN, PhD 


Below are video links to the symposium in 2013.  Just click to watch.

7th Annual Martin Family Alzheimer's Disease Symposium (1) 20 Sep 13 8:34 AM   (2hours and 30 minutes)       

7th Annual Martin Family Alzheimer's Disease Symposium (2) 20 Sep 13 11:04 AM  (1hour 11 minutes)

7th Annual Martin Family Alzheimer's Disease Symposium (3) 20 Sep 13 1:15 PM  (2 hours and 54 minutes)

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