IADC Resource Sharing

An important role of the IADC is to facilitate novel research on neurodegenerative diseases and aging by making center resources available to investigators engaged in impactful aging research. These resources include carefully deidentified data sets, biosamples and potential collaborative research involving our active longitudinal cohort of well-characterized participants. Data from the Clinical Core, managed by the Data Management and Statistical Core, includes demographics and standardized clinical and cognitive evaluations for all participants. The Genetics, Biomarker and Bioinformatics Core banks biosamples from blood including include DNA, RNA, plasma, serum, and in some cases PBMCs. CSF is collected on a more limited basis. Genetic data is available on subsamples. The Neuropathology Core maintains a bank of brain tissue and other post mortem specimens from IADC participants who made a brain donation and underwent detailed neuropathological examination. A digital database of histological slides is planned for the future. The Neuroimaging Core collects and analyzes MRI and PET neuroimaging from subsamples of participants from which available data may include quantitative region of interest values extracted from processed scans and deidentified scan data. Investigators wishing to access IADC resources are encouraged to contact the Administrative Core ( and/or other relevant cores or investigators to learn more about the details of specific resources. To request IADC resources, please download the Resource Request Form here and the Resource Agreement Form here. Once you have gathered all the required documentation, please submit your formal request to

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