Christina Brown

Ms. Brown is our Clinical Study Coordinator. She is responsible for coordinating all services offered to Clinical Core enrollees such as arranging scheduled visits for subjects with physicians, psychometrician and other staff as well as tracking subjects for follow-up visit. Ms. Brown assist the physician with the clinical assessments as well as the collection of biological specimens. E-mail Christina @


Steve Brown

Mr. Brown is the IADC Data Manager and his primary responsibility is to ensure the quality of the data collected by the center. His main responsibilities are data cleaning and reporting on the completeness and accuracy of data. He also support ad-hoc query requests, comment on proposed changes to our data collection system, provide summary statistics such as counts summarizing demographics, and test upgrades to our data management system. E-mail Steve @


Ryan M. Crosbie

Mr. Crosbie is responsible for administration and scoring of the Clinical Core neuropsychological test battery.  He prepares the neuropsychological reports.  He attends the biweekly Core meetings, arranges the meeting minutes and is responsible for post consensus follow up.  He facilitates visit completion at the Wishard Satellite Clinic 2 days/week. He also offers administrative support to the Clinical Core. E-mail Ryan @




Francine Epperson

Ms. Epperson is the IADC Autopsy Coordinator and has been with the center for over 21 years.  She interacts with families, funeral homes and IU faculty and staff to guarantee that the most timely and efficient autopsy procedures are performed for all brain donor participants.  Her responsibilities include managing the Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network Indiana site by recruiting new subjects, and securing compliance with HIPAA regulations regarding storage and transfer of protected health information for this study.  In addition, Ms. Epperson assists the IADC Clinical Core in the management of longitudinal studies with specific emphasis on familial disorders. E-mail Francine @


Kathleen Fleming

Ms. Fleming has been a psychometrist for the Clinical Core for 14 years.  She is responsible for the administration of the Clinical Core’s neuropsychological test battery.  In addition she reviews the administration and scoring of neuropsychological batteries completed by the other psychometricians prior to transmittal to data entry.  She also assists the Clinical Core Coordinator in the tracking of subjects and prepares the neuropsychological reports generated by Dr. Unverzagt for each neuropsychological assessment.


Brad Glazier

Mr. Glazier has over fifteen years experience in managerial and administrative duties. In addition, he has extensive knowledge of computers and their implementation in business settings. He will be assisting in administrative issues related to budgets, fiscal responsibility, and computers as well as interacting with and reporting to the NIA, NACC, Indiana University, and the various departments of the University. Mr. Glazier is also an experienced writer and editor and will assist in various written communications including manuscripts, abstracts, grant applications, public notices and official reports. E-mail Brad @


Katherine Johnson

Ms. Johnson is a student at IUPUI pursuing a nursing degree and is working part time for the IADC. She is responsible for scheduling patient appointments. E-mail Katherine @


Katie Lane, M.S.

Ms. Lane is a biostatistician working in the Division of Biostatistics with over twelve years of experience. She also has several years of experience working as a data manager. As a biostatistician in the Data Core, she works under the supervision of faculty statisticians in the design, monitoring and analysis of IADC data.  She also provides statistical support on data analyses involving extensive programming efforts.


Lisa Rankin

Mrs. Rankin serves as a reserve neuropsychological tester for the Clinical Core.  She assists with informant interviews and offers administrative support to the Clinical Core.

richardson-sm.jpg Rose Richardson

Mrs. Richardson collaborates to the study of degenerative dementia and other related neurodegenerative diseases, through the use of immunohistochemical techniques. Immunohistochemistry is the process of localizing proteins in tissue sections using the specificity of the antibody-antigenreaction. A broad spectrum of antibodies is used for the diagnosis of several disorders such as Alzheimer disease, frontotemporal dementia (FTD), corticobasal syndrome, progressive supranuclear palsy, Parkinson disease, diffuse Lewy body disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, neuroferritinopathy, neuroserpinopathy and prion diseases.

Eileen Tallman

Ms Tallman serves as a coordinator to the Neuroimaging Core and as a bridge between the Center for Neuroimaging and the IADC and related projects. She works closely with the Clinical Core and other investigators and performs scan scheduling, data tracking, scan acquisition and archiving fMRI stimulus presentation/recording. Ms. Tallman also coordinates technical and scientific meetings among investigators, maintains core and imaging project records and tracking including consent forms for imaging, IRB and animal use protocols and other regulatory documents. E-mail Eileen @,


Mark (Ke) Wei

Mr. Wei is a senior application developer in the Division of Biostatistics with many years of experience working with Microsoft NET technology and SQL servers. Mr. Wei is responsible for implementing new web-based data modules to the current system, designing and implementing new data capture tools, extending the on-line data query reports and assigning user name and password for accessing the IADC database system.


Donna Wert

Ms. Wert is the Educational Assistant and she is responsible for maintaining the mailing list and databases for the Reflection newsletter, educational mailings, recruitment, and assists with meetings and outreach efforts.  She also manages the program evaluation data with the help of our Data Management Core. E-mail Donna @


John West, MS.

Mr. West is a systems administrator, programmer and project scientist in the IU Center for Neuroimaging. He received his Masters in Engineering Science from the Thayer School at Dartmouth in 2002 with a thesis on diffusion tensor imaging.  He joined the Dartmouth Brain Imaging Laboratory in October 2003 and moved to IUSM with Dr. Saykin in late 2006. He has extensive experience in image analysis as well as scripting processing pipelines and use of IU’s supercomputing grid. He has experience with using and training others to use SPM99-SPM8, AIR, FSL, FreeSurfer, 3D Slicer, as well as many other MRI, fMRI and DTI packages.  Mr. West works closely with Drs. Saykin, Wang, McDonald and Shen in performing the preprocessing and analysis of the imaging data sets and supporting other investigators and users. He is responsible for de-identification, archiving, processing and dissemination of the imaging data sets. He maintains the hardware and software support for all scan analysis and archiving including the RAID server and workstations. He assists with developing and testing new code or optimizing existing code for novel analyses (e.g., mapping structural and functional connectivity) as needed.

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