Andrew Saykin, PsyD

Since February 2013, Dr. Saykin is the Director of the Indiana Alzheimer Disease Center.  He is the Raymond C. Beeler Professor of Radiology at the Indiana University School of Medicine and also directs the Indiana University Center for Neuroimaging.

Dr. Saykin's leads an NIH- and foundation-sponsored research program, which focuses on the use of brain imaging and genomic methods to study mechanisms of memory dysfunction and treatment response in neurological and psychiatric disorders. Current projects examine advanced imaging methods for early preclinical detection of Alzheimer's disease (NIA R01 AG19771), the neural basis of cancer chemotherapy-induced cognitive changes (NCI R01 CA101318), and alterations in brain activity and connectivity in schizophrenia (U54 EB005149). Each project includes a component examining genomic correlates of brain imaging phenotypic markers.

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