Administrative Core

The mission of the Indiana Alzheimer Disease Center is to serve as a shared research resource in order to facilitate research in Alzheimer disease and related disorders and to distinguish them from normal aging. Within this mission, one objective is to provide an environment and core resources to enhance ongoing research and foster new lines by bringing together basic and clinical scientists to study the etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of Alzheimer disease and related dementias, with an emphasis on hereditary dementias. Another objective is to provide an environment for fellows and junior faculty to acquire research skills and experience in interdisciplinary research and thereby promote their interest in the area of Alzheimer disease research.

The Administrative Core will provide the infrastructure needed for planning and implementing all activities directed toward the fulfillment of the mission of the Indiana Alzheimer Disease Center. In addition, the Administrative Core will oversee, manage, and monitor the quality of these activities and will function to strengthen and improve links between faculty and lay community leaders and organizations.

The specific aims are as follows:

Administration and Oversight

  1. Provide overall direction for the IADC
  2. Foster and coordinate interdisciplinary activity between the Clinical, Data Management and Statistics, Neuropathology, and Education and Information Transfer Cores
  3. Facilitate the use of shared resources, including patient populations, staff, facilities and equipment
  4. Assure fiscal responsibility of the cores and pilot projects in the IADC
  5. Oversee personnel management
  6. Supervise the pilot project program
  7. Encourage, evaluate and support research projects
  8. Manage the requests for data and/or biological specimen and insure a timely response and/or fulfillment
  9. Ensure that the IADC maintains compliance in all areas including those related to human subjects and data transfer (HIPAA)

 Information Management

  1. Maintain and expand the database and library of journal articles on AD and related dementias
  2. Maintain and further develop the IADC Web site

 Academic Activities

  1. Interact with the lay communities to develop relevant goals for the IADC and to act as a referral center for inquiries concerning specific clinical and experimental studies
  2. Encourage research on AD and related disorders from the faculty at Indiana University
  3. Assist in the preparation of grant proposals, manuscripts, reports, teaching materials and abstracts

 Interaction with National Institute on Aging and Alzheimer Disease Centers

  1. Interact with the National Institute on Aging (NIA) including reporting progress
  2. Interact with the National Alzheimer Coordinating Center (NACC) including the participation in data calls
  3. Interact with other Alzheimer disease centers (ADCs) including collaborative projects
  4. Respond to national initiatives in a timely fashion when appropriate

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